Headlines hail her as “newly svelte” and tell us how she lost 60 pounds in four months. What the headlines don’t tell us is how she did it. You have to dig a little deeper for that information. So, before you get down on yourself for not being able to drop 60 in four, I’m going to let you in on Janet’s secrets!

Now, anybody could lose weight and still feel satisfied on a diet like that but not everyone can afford it. Fresh Dining costs an average of $43 per day. That is over $1200 just for one month. Now if you don’t mind spending your kid’s college fund, you might consider it.

That wasn’t all Janet had working for her though. Janet and her long-time trainer, Tony Martinez worked hard. Now Tony isn’t your everyday trainer. Tony went to Janet’s home and if she needed to get dragged out of bed to work out, Tony did it. A service like that doesn’t come cheap! (Think about it. Most of us can’t even get our best friends to do this for us!) Tony had Janet working out six days a week doing forty-five minutes of cardio work and some major muscle strength training like squats and lunges. Her cardio wasn’t just playing gerbil on a treadmill. Janet boxed, went to batting cages, ran stadium stairs, jogged on the beach and did some really fun stuff.