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While she always struggled with her weight, there is no one in the world who could shed weight in less time than Janet Jackson. Back in 1986 when she hit the music charts, Janet Jackson had a killer body, but her 2005 photographs showed her excessive weight. But in recent photographs, the popstar is back in the best shape of her life, thanks to her trainer Tony Martinez.

It’s not difficult when you have the will to lose it all and a trainer like Tony Martinez, who helped Jackson get back in shape for her Up Close And Personal World Tour. Jackson revealed that she has been working with Tony Martinez six days a week or as often as her schedule allows her.

She said: “For cardio, I run on the beach for at least 40 minutes. The sand makes it much harder but I still don’t like to work out. I have to push myself to want to do it.”

Jackson also used weights to shape up her chest and arms, while a Swiss ball for sit-ups. To shape up her legs, she used crouches and lunges and AB rolers to obtain those six-pack abs.

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