by: Matt Dekneef

Britney Spears Trainer Tony Martinez

Britney Spears’ new song “Work Bitch” is a bit of art imitating life.

With the announcement of her new Planet Hollywood residency, Britney is prepping for a full-force comeback, which includes whipping her body into shape.

In a Q&A, Britney’s trainer, Tony Martinez shared with Hollyscoop how he’s getting her into peak physical condition for the big show, from her intense protein-heavy diet to how many calories she burns while dodging the paparazzi.

You can read it in its entirety here…

Hollyscoop: Britney has been very vocal about having you as a trainer.

Tony Martinez: She is too kind. Too kind. She is very sassy, but too kind.

Let me start at the beginning. How long have you been working with Britney?

I have been working with her right now since February.

So pretty much since she knew she was going to be doing this huge Vegas show?

Yes. We work out three to four times a week for about 15-30 minutes each session.

Do you work with her on her diet or just her workout?

We do everything. Smart nutrition is half the battle. I help her understand portion size and the difference between healthy and not healthy foods.