Trainer Tony Martinez Google+ Hangout

The first Trainer Tony Martinez Google+ Hangout went well. Thank you to those that watched the live stream and asked questions. Even the questions you submitted previously on this website, Facebook, and Twitter were great and gave me a lot to respond to. Shout out too to those that were a bit shy and just…



BTS Pics: Trainer Tony On E! News

Get a behind-the-scenes look as Trainer Tony Martinez and E! News reporter, Catt Sadler, work up a little sweat the #MartinezWay with specially designed exercise tools from his new fitness products, TravelFit and OfficeFit. As you’ll see when asked to be shown the exercises used to get Britney Spears cover-photo ready, Catt met the challenge…



4 Workout B’s To Britney Spears Body

Britney Spears’ Shape magazine cover story definitely has created a buzz online and off! In the new June issue she shows off the results of several weeks of hard work and talks about what it’s taken to get the fit “Britney Spears body” back, the challenges of keeping the weight off, and preparing for her…



5 Exercise Mistakes To Avoid

Is this pic to the left you? Are you hitting the gym hard and hitting the ground running even harder to lose weight? If so, here’s a news flash for some of you, “You are doing it WRONG!” And not only are you doing it wrong, you’re doing it in such a way that it…


SuperFoods List

Superfoods List: What’s In My Fridge?

Hey guys! I see the term, “superfoods,” popping up in conversations online and on my social profiles–Facebook, Twitter. So I wanted to take some time to explain exactly what superfoods are and are not. There are plenty of superfood lists out there, but why should you be adding the items listed to your overall diet?…



Workout Motivation From Trainer Tony Martinez

It’s true. A year, a month, maybe even a few weeks from now you’ll wish you had started exercising today. Some of you already started and that’s good. But now the first month of the year is over and I read some of you are struggling to keep your workout motivation. I know sometimes the…



Fan Chat With Celebrity Trainer Tony Martinez

#MartinezWay is back! The first month of 2013 is almost over and me and the team are busy! But not so busy that we couldn’t take a few minutes help get things poppin’ online. Celebrity trainers need love too and y’all really showed me and my team love in 2012. So again, I thank you.…



Carb Your Appetite With Complex Carbohydrates

2013 is FAST approaching! That means the end of the year holidays are upon us, starting with Thanksgiving.  Stuffing, mashed potatoes, casseroles, pumpkin pie, soft drinks…a lot of tempting carbohydrates, a.k.a “carbs” are on the way! So before you pile those tasty side dishes on your plate for Thanksgiving dinner, I want to tell you…