Nutrisystem Users Ask, Trainer Tony Responds

Thank you Nutrisystem users and everyone that’s been sending me your health and fitness questions. I enjoy reading them when I can. I really like your progress reports too! The #MartinezWay is in full effect for many of you. And to that I say, “GOOD JOB! KEEP IT GOING!” Nutrisystem users! You’ve been asking and…


How To Best Reduce Stress With Exercise

Has it been a stressful week? Even as an athletic personal trainer, I sometimes have stressful days. So what do I do when I feel the tension in my body? Like most I try to do things that relax me first, like walking my dog. Having fun with a pet is a great momentary distraction.…

Middle-aged couple power walking together

Try Walking Before Jogging In Your Workout Routines

Most people want to see results fast when they began their workout routines. So often they add running or jogging to their workout without considering if that’s truly the best way to lose weight for them. Everyone is different and so is their body. While strenuous exercise like running and jogging may work for some…