Trainer Tony Martinez Google+ Hangout

The first Trainer Tony Martinez Google+ Hangout went well. Thank you to those that watched the live stream and asked questions. Even the questions you submitted previously on this website, Facebook, and Twitter were great and gave me a lot to respond to. Shout out too to those that were a bit shy and just…

SuperFoods List

Superfoods List: What’s In My Fridge?

Hey guys! I see the term, “superfoods,” popping up in conversations online and on my social profiles–Facebook, Twitter. So I wanted to take some time to explain exactly what superfoods are and are not. There are plenty of superfood lists out there, but why should you be adding the items listed to your overall diet?…


Carb Your Appetite With Complex Carbohydrates

2013 is FAST approaching! That means the end of the year holidays are upon us, starting with Thanksgiving.  Stuffing, mashed potatoes, casseroles, pumpkin pie, soft drinks…a lot of tempting carbohydrates, a.k.a “carbs” are on the way! So before you pile those tasty side dishes on your plate for Thanksgiving dinner, I want to tell you…

Protein Shake

Protein Shakes: Real Fitness Drink or Fad?

I received a lot of questions about protein shakes thanks to the recent post on Janet’s fan page. So I wanted to respond to some of them to help you better understand what they’re really made of and what they do. So here’s what’s shaking with these protein drinks. First, not all protein shakes are…


The Skinny On Fatty Foods

It’s a no brainer that food nutrition is a key element to getting fit, especially the #MartinezWay! In a previous post I informed you about the importance of adding fiber, and now I want you to know about fatty foods—the good ones and the bad ones. So this post is so phat, I hope you…


How To Enjoy The BBQ And Eat Healthy

It’s summertime! Time to fire up the grill and add your favorite meats and side dishes. As an athletic health and fitness trainer I want to enjoy my favorite foods too, just like you! I love turkey and buffalo burgers, asparagus, and Corona Lights with lime. I try to stick with healthy eating, but other…