Tony’s personally designs fitness and nutrition plans to suit each of his clients to target their specific needs. Tony’s One-on-One Personal Training Program help his clients achieve their specific goals more quickly and conveniently. Tony’s passion is fitness and nutrition training and he considers clients his family members. He takes into account all aspects of his client’s fitness levels, nutrition goals, lifestyle, special needs and personally designs a workout program that keeps his clients motivated and encouraged. Tony motivates his clients on a one-on-one basis and pushes them so they realize their potential so be the best version of themselves so their outward appearance matches their inward confidence.


Tony’s Group Training Program is a four-week outdoor fitness program that combines a group motivation aspect as well as the benefit of the beautiful Southern California weather. Tony’s program includes a complete nutrition plan with personal training in a group environment. The training incorporates weight resistance, core training, flexibility and cardio training. The nutrition plan is balanced in lean proteins, complex carbohydrates fruits, vegetables and healthy fats. Tony’s celebrity clients achieve fantastic results due to his expertise in nutrition combined with the core training.


As an athlete himself, Tony realizes how important it is for athletes to stay at the top of their game physically during the season as well as staying in shape during the off-season. Athletic trainers, like Tony, play a significant role in the management, prevention, recognition of keeping athletes at the top of their game physically as well as mentally – maintaining a the perfect balance of mind and body therapy. Tony is also a vital link between the athlete, the physician and coach to keep the athlete at the top of their game.


Fitness rehabilitation can be one of the most important aspects of healing after an injury. Tony teaches his clients how to develop safe and effective post rehabilitative fitness practices for his clients with various limitations who are recovering from a variety of injuries, diseases and/or treatments. With proper training and networking capabilities, Tony’s clients take the next step toward healing and getting back to their normal routines. He works with physicians, physical therapists to focus on injury and follow-up care. Tony will design a rehabilitation program for each of his clients to focus on re-injury prevention.