Britney Spears’ Shape magazine cover story definitely has created a buzz online and off! In the new June issue she shows off the results of several weeks of hard work and talks about what it’s taken to get the fit “Britney Spears body” back, the challenges of keeping the weight off, and preparing for her new show in Las Vegas. “I’m doing 90 minutes of yoga twice a week, in addition to a lot of cardio–hour long sessions three times a week, with my trainer, Tony Martinez. The [Vegas] performances won’t be easy–they’ll be a massive party from start to finish. And to pull this off, I have to be in top condition and running at full speed,” she says. To help Britney get in tip top shape, a workout plan was created that would not only help her lose weight, but also build her endurance for the upcoming “massive party” on stage. Our hour long sessions sometimes involve what I

call the “Four B’s”. They include a mix of different exercises including sports, treadmill exercise, and ab workout. Here’s the 4 quick workout B’s we do to achieve the Britney Spears body currently making headlines:

  • Basketball jump shot against the wall 20 times
  • Backwards interval walking on a treadmill at 2.0mph for 1min then walk forward for a min.
  • Balancing on 1 leg then with 1 arm doing medicine ball slams
  • Bicycle and rotate on the floor mat for her abs 20 times.

These exercises don’t require much equipment and can be done without a gym. The first three are functional training which improve joint mobility and movement. They’re simple yet effective and follow my philosophy of working out smarter and getting better results from training less. Also, this mix of exercises keep things interesting and fun so Britney doesn’t get bored. That said, are you bored with your workout? Then try adding one or all of the “Four B’s” to your routine or any new exercise. Remember the key is to mix it up! And for more ideas like my Facebook Fan Page or subscribe to my YouTube channel.