Is this pic to the left you? Are you hitting the gym hard and hitting the ground running even harder to lose weight? If so, here’s a news flash for some of you, “You are doing it WRONG!” And not only are you doing it wrong, you’re doing it in such a way that it may do you more harm than good. But you’re not by yourself in making these exercise mistakes.

These particular mistakes I see often, even with my clients. Many of you are so eager to lose weight, you forget or may be don’t know there are some

basic things you should do to prepare your body for a workout, especially a strenuous one. Keep in mind too that everyone’s body is different. You may not be able to do what you see others doing and recover exactly the same. So watch the video to learn five common exercise mistakes you’ve probably made or seen others make too.

Are you guilt of making any of the five common exercise mistakes mentioned? Share with me in the comments below you what you did wrong and how you corrected it. And if you’re wondering whether you’re currently making exercise mistakes share what you’re doing. You are probably not alone!

Thanks again Twitter followers, @Chazz4you and @GonnaBeSmexy for the great questions.